Metform Rollform Line

Heavy duty Rollform line with flying cut off shear. 32mm x 1000mm profile

Metform Rollformer

Metform Rollforming line
18 stand rollforming line with undercrank mechanical flying cut off shear
Control panel and measuring system

1000-20 Roll Former

Samisor rollformer with
1000-20mm deep profile
20 stand rollformer with cut off shear
Line electrics control panel and measuring system

Unistrut Line

Complete rollfoming line for producing 2 x sizes of the Electrical strut profiles

The line consists of the following:
– 3 ton twin decoiler with hydraulic expansion
– Strip leveller
– Rollfeed and press with several sets of tools to punch slots or holes in the strip
– 20 stand rafted rollformer with 6 sets of rafts with the 2 different sizes of strut this is a quick change system no need for roll change
– Cut off press
– Offload table
– Electrical controls and measuring system

A video can be seen of the line in production

Dudley Roll & Tool Rollformer

Dudley roll & tool
8/9 station rollformer
1.5″ inch diameter rollshafts
10″ rollspace
Maximum bottom roll diameter 9″
Vertical centres max 8″ minimum 4″
Gearbox drive
Infeed guide fences
Exit straightener
Coolant system
Roving hand held control
Mesh up over guards

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Used Machinery

We supply used levellers from 150mm to 1500mm, Powered and Unpowered Decoilers from 50kg to 15/20 ton. Space Savers, Scrap Choppers and various other sheet metal working machinery.

New Machinery

We supply a full range of new rollformers manufactured to suit your profile from roofing and purlin lines including duplex panel forming automatic lines from coil or hand fed by pre cut blanks if you have a bespoke profile we can supply a rollformer to produce it.


If you are interested in purchasing a machine or interested in using our facilities for long or short term storage please contact us. We welcome any enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.