Crimp Tool

Crimp curving tool
For crimp curving roof cladding
34/1000mm profile

Edwards Circle Cutter

Edwards hand operated circle cutter
550mm deep throat
Spare set of blades

Venting Press

Mechanical press fitted with
Venting tooling and a shear tool to suit
32/1000 roofing profile

Corner Notcher

Capacity 6″ x 6″ x 2mm
Mechanical notcher
Adjustable angle stops
Spare cutting blades

RAS Tooling

Segmented tooling
RAS goats foot tooling to suit Ras turbo bend folders
Capacity 3200mm

Oliver Power Flanger

Oliver power flanger
Capacity 16swg
Power flanger for producing a 90 deg flange on curved or straight ducts

Shorte Powered Flanger

Power flanger
Shorte powered edger
With tilting head
Capacity 16swg

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Used Machinery

We supply used levellers from 150mm to 1500mm, Powered and Unpowered Decoilers from 50kg to 15/20 ton. Space Savers, Scrap Choppers and various other sheet metal working machinery.

New Machinery

We supply a full range of new rollformers manufactured to suit your profile from roofing and purlin lines including duplex panel forming automatic lines from coil or hand fed by pre cut blanks if you have a bespoke profile we can supply a rollformer to produce it.


If you are interested in purchasing a machine or interested in using our facilities for long or short term storage please contact us. We welcome any enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.